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"To recognize and to fulfill the requirements of the market and the customers. To set standards with own developments."

You know these statements.
Götz Service made this statement in their image brochure and meanwhile, as we believe we can truly say, we realized this already several times.

Götz Service has proven authority and innovative strength.

Tradition and progressive thinking and action built therefore always a unity.

Especially in our fast paced world it is a danger, that craftsmanship which are decades old are lost. good nice things with tradition get more rare and new editions often are far from the original quality standard.

Under the "roof" of the Götz Service GmbH we have established our Manufacture as a independent manufacturing-area.

Here we realize our own developments, with which we set the afore mentioned standards which are pointing the way.
Innovative, qualitative very demanding, with high quality in craftsmanship, are attributes, which are decisive in this area. Craftsmanship and skills which have been proven for decades, also find their spot here, as well as most modern technology.

Our Manufacture also is recognized for their high degree in flexibility and closeness to their customers.

Our Manufacture.
Not so everyday products with high quality and special use.

Götz Service.
Partner with the Orthopedics and Shoe-technicians as well as partner with the Medical Supply Stores.